Comino or Kemmuna (in Maltese), is a very small (and very peaceful) island midway between the islands of Malta and Gozo.

The island is inhabited by only a handful of people and is mostly visited for a day trip, both by the Maltese themselves as well as tourists.

For the more adventurous Maltese, Comino is also a frequented as a place for camping or to spend a day hiking across the island.

Named after the plentiful cumin (flowering plant) that grows on the island, Comino is thick with wild herbs and flowers, with the entire island classified as a wildlife sanctuary nowadays.

The island is mostly a rocky wilderness largely undeveloped, with jagged cliffs, two small sandy beaches, coves, creeks and a coastline dotted with deep caves. And of course, Comino island is known for the famous Blue Lagoon bay with its crystal clear and azure-coloured water.

Home to just a handful of farmers, Comino has no tarmacked roads (and only a handful of cars) and is only 2 km long by 1.7km wide. The island offers a complete change of pace from the neighbouring islands of Malta and Gozo and is a great place to go for a day trip, or even to spend part of your holiday if peace and tranquillity are what you’re after.